Rosewood Crescent Co-Operative Housing

Welcome to Rosewood

Rosewood Crescent Co-operative Housing is located at 168 Richmond St in Amherstburg, Ontario, close to downtown and the beautiful Navy Yard Park.  Our Co-op is non-profit and member-controlled, so residents have a say in the matters that affect their housing!

What is Co-operative Housing?

From the outside, a housing co-op looks like the other homes in the neighbourhood. It can be a new apartment building, a row of townhouses or a charming old triplex. What makes it different is not bricks and mortar, but the way its residents share the responsibilities and control of their homes.

A housing co-operative is more than just a place to live. It is a legal association formed for the purpose of providing homes to its members on a continuing basis. A co-op is different from other housing associations in its ownership structure and its commitment to co-operative principles.  Across Canada, co-ops are home to about a quarter of a million people.